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Phone: +506 2288-6667

WhatsApp:  +506 8459-2577

Instagram:  butterfly.kingdom


Butterfly Kingdom is a life experience, a butterfly farm that was born in 2011 in order to offer each visitor a space of peace, harmony and happiness, where the transformation of each butterfly is experienced as a unique and enriching process.

We have a wide variety of Costa Rican butterflies, among which the wonderful blue Morpho stands out, pride of our  country to the whole world.

Our staff is highly trained and provides personalized attention in each of our areas.

We offer talks and guided tours in Spanish and English for the convenience of customers, who can also expand their knowledge through the information obtained through the QR codes printed on our labels throughout the tour.

All our areas are fully adapted with ramps to facilitate the transit of all visitors, allowing it to be a completely accessible and inclusive space.

Our pupae breeders are certified and fulfill with all legal requirements in order to offer a quality product for the benefit of our customers and our environment.

We offer within our facilities:
• Business, tourist and educational tours
• Corporate and social events
• Export of butterfly pupae
• Sale of handicrafts made by Costa Rican artisans.
• Training and workshops in butterfly breeding (with prior reservation)
• Wifi to telecommute or just connect with family and friends
• Picnic Area

The transportation service for groups can be coordinated with us!

Customers who are sent by hotels will get a special gift from Butterfly Kingdom.

It includes:

• Entrance to the butterfly farm
• Guided tour when you arrive

Rate per person:

• Rate for tourists:
$12 / Child: $8
• Rate for national or resident:
¢3.500 / Child: ¢2.500

Cancellation policy:

• Cancellation must be made 48 hours before the service, otherwise a 100% penalty will be applied.
• A 90% refund will apply if you cancel 48 hours or more (10% applies to cover bank refund fees).
• There are no refunds for No shows.

We recommend:

• Fresh and comfortable clothes, hopefully yellow!
• Comfortable shoes
• Camera

Did you know that butterflies hatch as adults and do not grow any more?

Come and learn much more about these beautiful and mystical insects!!!

A spa for the soul!

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